Lighthouse Foundation

The Mission

  Lighthouse Foundation’s mission is to become the recognized leader in helping people position themselves for greatness. Our target is to help kids 9th – 12th grade figure out what type of career path they would like to pursue before they graduate from high school. These students will be from various high schools all over the Dallas – Ft. Worth area and the United States.

  Our goal is simple, work directly with students from all walks of life who has a heart to learn about their particular career interest. Empowering students to have the confidence and trust based on the knowledge presented to choose the right career-path that will benefit them in their own future. Thus through a collective effort of learning basic skills and pairing them with professionals who are presently in their career choice. Together we seek to explore the opportunities and exposure so many students don’t receive.

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Our Vision is to
Position People For Greatness.




Fundraisers & Events:

  • Lighthouse Dev.  Institute

  • Summer Ambassador Program

  • Lighthouse Cares

  • Ambassador of Tomorrow


Affiliate Partnerships:


Students from:

  • Allstate

  • Regions Bank

  • Young Explorers Abroad

  • Texas State Paralegals

  • Wichita State University

  • Elev8graphix

  • A.Bee Colony LLC

  • Gibson Lupus ARC

  • Ultimate Experience Abroad

  • Diversified Direction Foundation

  We strive to focus on the basic fundamental foundation of knowledge. By preparing high school students for a life after graduating from high school.  This includes creating a clear and concise career path for high school students to follow.

  • Labor Day Escape

  • North Texas Giving Day

  • PINS For Education

  • Giving Tuesday

  • Christmas Masquerade

  • Denver, Colorado

  • Los Angeles, CA

  • Austin, Texas

  • Desoto, Texas

  • Cedar Hill, Texas

  • Mexia, Texas

  • Little Elm, Texas

  • Frisco, Texas

  • Denton, Texas


Don't see your city...JOIN US & REPRESENT IT!

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach


  We believe in helping people from all walks of life. Because at the end of the day, it takes a village of people working together to make a difference in the lives of others. When you have a family of hope and perseverance in your corner. There is nothing in this world that can keep you from your achievements. Family is everything!  


  Each one of us within the organization supports and holds one another accountable. This includes peer-to-peer teambuilding to become an effective group of people fighting through the barriers and negative stereotypes of life. We also hold others accountable that come into the organization through background checks, training, and providing opportunities for growth.


  Collectively over 15+ years of career knowledge from business, development, health, military, education, science, engineering, law, informational technology, vocational trade, and small business entrepreneurship. All personnel within the organization possess either college degrees, certifications, program, or overall life experiences. Which is vital source of light to those who have never received an opportunity to get out of there normal environment.


  We're an organization committed to helping people and the next generation get to their next level of success. By carving out a clear and concise path for each person to flourish. Whether its college, trade, military, or as an entrepreneur. Together, we can make a difference to guide and give  effective information that puts people on the right path.


   Our passion to see others succeed is what fuels us as an organization to keep going. We take time to sincerely educate our parents and students on what life is going to look like. If you don't have a vision and plan for what your next steps are going to look like. Then you're stuck in life as time keeps on passing by. Which we want everyone who enters in this program to understand.