Thanksgiving Holiday Food Drive

4 Organizations - Lighthouse Foundation, Gift of Love, One Step, Diversified Direction Foundation

Saturday, November 21st, 2020

Four organizations came together for an entire day of service to 500 people all over Dallas.

Five hundred people from all over Dallas, Texas got a chance to be blessed by 4 different organizations on a Saturday afternoon. Lighthouse Foundation, Gift Of Love, One Step, and Diversified Direction Foundation all came together to award 200 grocery food boxes to needy people in the southern portion of Dallas at Cedar Valley Church of Christ in Lancaster, Texas. An additional 300 people in the homeless areas of downtown Dallas, including the bridge area received their own plate of food. The entire event took 3 months to plan as organizations put all of their ideas into basket so they can reach as many people possible. Especially for those who are going through some trouble times due to COVID-19. An estimated 25 volunteers working together all followed the COVID-19 protocols wearing their mask and washing their hands with sanitizer. Lighthouse Foundation want to personally thank all of the organizations, volunteers, Cedar Valley Church of Christ, Hot Stove Kitchen in Richardson, Texas, and the North Texas Food Bank

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