Students Visit Wichita State University

Updated: Apr 27

Shocker Saturday at Wichita State University, Kansas

Saturday, October 17, 2020

High School students in the Lighthouse Development Institute program from Dallas and Austin area got a chance to visit Wichita State University for Shocker Saturday in Wichita, Kansas. This was an opportunity to meet with the admissions office directly to hear there presentation, talk with financial aid, listen to a student panel of current WSU students, visit the entire 330 acres of land including the apartments, and finally eat on campus. The trip took about 5 hours as we drove right up IH-35 through Oklahoma and about 2 hours from Oklahoma City. This was a free trip brought to you by the financial support of those sponsors and donors that give to Lighthouse Foundation.

While some students enjoyed the trip because it truly took them out of their perspective cities and environment to experience for once what life could be outside the State of Texas. A couple of the students really like the school in regard to the student activities, apartments, and the overall positive feeling when they were walking around on campus. Students also visit the brand new 2020 Student Wellness Center at Steve Clark YMCA and the Rhatigan Student Center with it's own bowling alley, and food court. The students follow COVID-19 protocols wearing their mask and washing their hands with sanitizer. Lighthouse Foundation want to thank the Admission's Office and all that were involved in putting together a phenomenal weekend event for 100 students and parents.

Thank the parents and the Wichita State University is one of Lighthouse Foundation's Affiliate Partnership. For more information about the school CLICK HERE.

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