Congratulations To Mr. Stephen Wright, Senior Class of 2022

Stephen Wright gets accepted into the Marines.

Congratulations from the entire Lighthouse Foundation family goes out to Mr. Stephen Wright. He has officially passed the ASVAB test and will be leaving for the Marine Corps in July 2023.

“I'm grateful to be accepted into the Marines, where I can serve my country and learn everything about my career goal of being a mechanic and business owner.” Stephen Wright

Career Path:

Stephen has been in the Lighthouse Development Institute program for 2 years now. His pursuit has always been opening up his own mechanic shop where he can work on cars. But here at Lighthouse Foundation, we teach students not to limit themselves on their outstanding skills. So with the help of his Career Mentor and Board Member Michael Irvin, we got Stephen to open up and explore other items he will be thinking about as he continues his path through the military. Like working on the engines of airplanes, construction equipment, and yes even how hybrids or electric cars work.

Stephen has a bright future by which if he stays on his career-path. In the next 4 - 6 years, he can use his experience in the military and any college experience to make a huge six-figure salary for himself. We wish him good luck as Stephen will be starting his basic training in July 2022.

Thank You Message:

Thank you to everybody that helped Stephen achieve one of his goals graduating from high school.

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