Holiday Visit To Primrose Bent Trail

Celebrating the Christmas Holidays 2019 with Lighthouse Junior Ambassadors.

Christmas 2019 Visit To Primrose.

Right to Left: Ronovan Chaisson(LHFO Founder & CEO), Evelyn Chaisson(LHFO Jr. Ambassador), Elizabeth Bush(LHFO Jr. Ambassador), Alexis Richardson(LHFO Jr. Ambassador)

This was a very fun opportunity helping with the kids. Alexis Richardson, Junior Ambassador

Friday, December 20th, 2019

Lighthouse Junior Ambassadors got a chance to visit Primrose School of Bent Trail in North Dallas to volunteer and help with the kids. Everything from reading books to the kids, passing out Christmas gifts to take home, and learning about the world of taking care of children. These Junior Ambassadors receive an awesome experience. Many thanks to the Executive Director Mrs. Kelly Seepersad for the opportunity. Special thanks to our volunteer parent Lavonne Chaisson for all of your help as well.

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