Lighthouse Serving the Dallas Community

Serving the Dallas community with Diversified Direction Foundation.

Serving others is essential to the soul of giving back. Ronovan Chaisson, Founder & CEO

Sunday, June 28, 2020: Founder & CEO, Mr. Ronovan Chaisson of Lighthouse Foundation got a chance to visit with the kids and parents at Frazier Court Apartments in South Dallas to volunteer and help with the kids. Everything from handing out books to the kids, talking with parents in the neighborhood, giving out knowledge about life, and even trying to give people a sense of hope. It's amazing how COVID-19 affects different people in so many ways. Whether your on the giving side or on the receiving side. Events like these clearly show how communities all over Dallas - Fort Worth and the entire world. Can truly come together in making a positive difference toward those who are not as fortunate as others. While building a lifetime of strong relationships going forward. Many thanks to the Mrs. Kristal Gay, Diversified Direction Foundation, Dallas Housing Authority, and all the volunteers for the opportunity to collaborate and serve the community.

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