Are high school students prepared?

Updated: Jul 31

How prepared is the next generation of high school students?

As parents start getting ready for the new school year. Are high school students prepared even more now than they've ever been before? You have a mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas. A new strain of COVID call Monkey Pox. The battle for what information will be going into the text books for students to learn. We're still at crossroads in regard to students wearing a mass versus not wearing a mask. AND......We still have distant learning for teachers and students that fear even the idea of going into a classroom. I tell you THIS...there are more distractions and fear right now than we can ever imagine. Which in some cases, takes away the overall mission of students focusing on receiving their basic education. Thus hinders their preparation for the next level of success.

For example let's look at Generation Z, which is anyone born after 1996. Basically those that grew up with technology, the internet, and social media. According to the US News & World Report, in 2021 about 3.9 million people QUIT there jobs in July as part of what we call now "The Great Resignation". Many of them are less satisfied with their jobs, work-life balance is horrible, and most of them had to work in an office environment compared to working at home. And if you're asking yourself this question...."Hmmmmm ok how does that affect high school students." Well let's see, those who walked out last year many of them were....Yes You Guess It.......Teachers!

So again How Prepared Is The Next Generation.....I guess it depends on Who You Are Asking?

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