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Plus 100 Pledge:  Winter Campaign

Our Purpose:  Lighthouse Foundation is seeking 100 individuals, companies, and entrepreneurs that would like to make a generous tax-write before the year ends to our Lighthouse 2022 Winter Financial Campaign. Your money goes to the help the next generation in the following areas.

LHFO Winter Campaign 2022.png

Annual Scholarships Through Ambassador of Tomorrow Endowment Fund

In 2021 the Ambassador of Tomorrow Endowment Fund, under the AOT Special Committee, was created to award scholarships to graduating Seniors in high school. This is a restricted fund only setup to award scholarships, stipends for future student small business entrepreneurs, career research and development, and the purchase of land to build a National Youth Career Center.

High School Student Career Development & Research

  Why does one child raised in the same home as other children under the same roof goes to college and receive a degree. While the other children never graduate from even high school. Why does a child living in a single parent home excels more in their career compared to another child who comes from a single parent home fails. What are the factors that help children in their quest to find the right career. Is it the environment we grew up in? Is it the high school students attend? Is it the community students grow up in? Are student success dependent upon the parents success? These are some of the motivating factors we at would like to know. And therefore we need funding to answer some of the questions in regard to student career success. 

Career & College Trip

  Funding for transportation, gas, food, etc. to take students anywhere cost anywhere between $1,000 to $1,500. Whether we're visiting Houston for NASA or going to visit colleges like Wichita State University in Wichita , Kansas. We need funding to continue giving students exposure to these opportunities.

Fund Future Student Small Business Entrepreneurs

   Not all students once they come through the LDI Signature programs has a pursuit of going to college, trade, or the military. Some are given the opportunity of starting their own company as a Small Business Entrepreneur. Formed under the special committee AOT, stipends are given out to some students that have pitched their vision and business plan to the organization. Therefore, these stipends are Lighthouse Foundation's way of saying we support your vision and here's how we can help. We also offer these particular students business classes and other resources through our affiliate partnerships to help their business as well.

Build A National Youth Career Center

A National Youth Career Center is important for the organization because it allows students from all over the US to have one central location to come and learn about their career-paths. Future business leaders and even those who don't have an opportunity to see beyond their own homes. Can learn even more and give the clarity they need to make better decisions. This includes a Career Hall for those who have given their all to their own perspective communities to help the next generation. 

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