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North Texas Giving Day

provides the following:

Holding Money
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  High school students in the program get an opportunity to visit colleges, universities, and even trade schools in order to know where their next career-path will be going. In addition, in some cases we're helping young entrepreneurs develop their own business. Your contribution goes to either a scholarship for a student graduating from high school, or a business stipend to help students start their own business.

College Trips

  High school students in the program get an opportunity to visit colleges and universities all over the United States. Cost for transportation, food, gas, and sometimes hotel stay all are budgeted for students to make sure they enjoy the experience rather than worry about costs.

Career Trips

  Whether its visiting the Federal Bank Reserve in downtown Dallas, exploring behind the scenes of a doctor's office, or even visit a National Historic Park. Each trip we take students on to experience not only historic treasures, but also learn about the business.


  Without fundraisers Lighthouse Foundation cannot even thrive financially. Each fundraiser is geared toward a specific item incurred throughout the year. Whether it's reserving a venue for an event, transportation for the students, scholarships we give, or even supplies we give out to the community. Our vision is to help people position themselves for greatness.

Business Meeting
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Career Research

  Choosing the right career-path.  What goes into the mind frame of choice. Yes Lighthouse Foundation helps through life sessions, career mentoring, social skills, and internships. 


• Why does it take so long to figure out a career-path?

• Why high school students don’t have a plan for life after graduation?

• Is it our environment, our parents, our genes, or we lack the empowerment? 

National Youth Career Center

  We need one universal place where high school students from all over the US and the World can come to learn more about current and future careers. Create strategic student Master Plans with Career Mentors in reaching their professional goals.

Exclusive Online Auction Item

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To make a bid, please take the time to fill out the information below and add in your amount.

Highest Bid:  $125  Name: anonymous
Bidding will end at 10:59pm Thursday, Sept. 23rd, 2021