Lighthouse Development Institute is a free career-based program under Lighthouse Foundation’s three step model of Connect. Build. Grow. LDI is designed to help student’s 9th – 12th grade from all over the United States figure out what type of career-path they would like to pursue. The entire program consists of monthly life sessions presenting simple basic skills and allowing students to apply   those same abilities to every day normal life functions, online mentor-protégé training program, social growth opportunities, and a financial wellness program.

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Fall 2021 Life Sessions:


1 /    Goals & Budgeting

  • Goals are the basic path to where you want to go. In this particular life session students will learn how to write down 5 long-term and 5 short-term goals they would like to accomplish. Then they will place their goals in a frame and put it somewhere in the home where they see them everyday.

  • Vision to see where a student will be going is important because it reminds students what is important in order to accomplish their goals. The student will create a Vision Board broken down into 4 categories. What type of career students would like to have? How many members in their immediate family would they like to have? What type of education with being a minimum of high school?

  • Budget is the necessary in order to have a financial outlook on life. Students will learn how to create a budget. We will use fake monopoly money to simulate or mock income coming into their hands, bills being paid out, and how to save with a “Rainy Day Fund”. We will also partner up with Greenlight App for parents to monitor their spending habits.  Finally, students will put together a real budget in action later on in the year with real money, and then go grocery shopping.

  • Choices are basic tools that affect how a student decide. Students will learn about the 5 W’s being what, when, where, who, and why. Students will receive a scenario or current event that happen in life. Students will have to individually write down how they would have handle the situation and then apply it to their own lives. Who would they have done this with. When would they do this.  Where would they do this at. And why would they do this. Then the entire class would review to see if the individual student was overall right or wrong in their decision-making process.

Purpose:   The purpose of this session is teach students how to write down their plan and how students are going to apply it to their lives moving forward.