Lighthouse Development Institute (LDI) is a career-based program under Lighthouse Foundation’s three step model of Connect. Build. Grow.  LDI is designed to help student’s 9th – 12th grade figure out what type of career-path they would like to pursue. Our building structure of the entire program consists of a free online mentor-protégé training program, monthly life sessions presenting simple basic skills and allowing students to apply those same abilities to every day normal life functions, social growth opportunities for empowerment, and providing a financial wellness program before rewarding students with a Summer job.


Reality vs Fiction


Choosing Wisely


Maturation Process

CONNECT: Career Planning Phase 1

  • Where do you see yourself now?

  • Do you have a plan for life after high school?

  • What would you like to do in the next 5 or 10 years?

  • How motivated are you in your initial plan to accomplish your goals?

Peer-To-Advisor Meeting

We connect with students first through an initial Peer-to-Advisor meeting to ask a string of questions engaging students.

​From our initial meeting we comprise a student profile summary that highlights the best career path to match the corresponding current and future careers of the world. This profile summary will also consist of pros, cons, statistics, and even other career alternatives that may substitute as part of their overall Student Master Plan. Which is given to the student at the end of their senior year detailing everything they have accomplish in the program and what opportunities are best for their next chapter in life.

BUILD: Lighthouse


Phase 2

  • The concept of what motivates you?

  • Why are you here at this conjunction of life?

  • Who do you admire or want to aspire?

  • Your blueprint of life will look like?

  • How do you get there?

Career Mentor Advisor

After an initial background check and career mentor training, we connect Career Mentors to work with students via the internet or face-to-face on their Student Master Plan.


This Student Master Plan is a comprehensive summary of four different classifications with an emphasis on career and education. The Career Mentor  will guide and give advice on how to approach each item from their own knowledge, work, and past experiences. Thus students get a direct line of exposure to the pros and cons of deciding a future. 

"Building the right career portfolio can also be accomplish by focusing and having a Career Mentor who is already establish to guide and direct you in getting to the next level of success."


Ronovan Chaisson, Founder & CEO


Financial &



Phase 3

  • Financial Wellness

  • Think Tanks

  • Mock Trials

  • Career Trips & Camps

  • Student Conferences

  • Lighthouse Jr. Ambassadors

  • Sports

  Growing as an individual from the life of a high school student to being an adult is a process. It is a process because each and every day there is a choice of how each student is going to financially and emotionally take care of themselves once they graduate. 


  Lighthouse Foundation encourages each student to overall grow through group activities, camps, financial wellness session, student conferences, community service activities, sports, and even current discussions about various social awareness platforms.  

Position People For Greatness

Lighthouse Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps 9th - 12th grade students figure out what type of career they would like to pursue before they graduate.

(469) 854 - 9005


7067428028 (Registered Charity)

No matter where you live in the United States, you can make an immediate impact within the lives of our youth in many ways. Sign up as a volunteer or make a tax-free contribution to Lighthouse Foundation TODAY!

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