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  Lighthouse Development Institute is a free career-based program under Lighthouse Foundation’s three step model of Connect. Build. Grow. LDI is designed to help student’s 9th – 12th grade figure out what type of career-path they would like to pursue. The entire program consists of monthly life sessions presenting simple basic skills and allowing students to apply   those same abilities to every day normal life functions, online mentor-protégé training program, social growth opportunities, and a financial wellness program.

Other Programs Available:

  • Small Business Entrepreneurship

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Life Skills (Fall Season Only)

  Once a month, starting in September thru January, we offer 1 hourly Life Session to show high school students some of the most simple basic life skills their going to need in order to survive. These life skills include goals, vision, budget, cooking, choices, physical and mental health.  We even take it one step further by showing students how to apply those same abilities to every day normal life functions. For example, letting students go grocery shopping in the nearest grocery store on their own.


Career Mentors (Fall & Spring Season)

  High school students communicate twice a month directly through the free online mentor-protégé training program. Which connects Career Mentors all over the United States and the world to students through the Google Classroom's Learning Management System or Zoom. Career Mentors provide guidance and direction while holding students accountable on their future Student Master Plan. 


Social Growth (Spring Season)

  Being able to socially interact with others gives students the confidence they need in order to be an effective communicator. We have workshops for students to work with many different business and community leaders.  For example, students learn how to buy a car and take care of it. In addition, students get to visit colleges, universities, and even go behind-the-scenes to see how a business thrive. 


Financial Wellness

  We work directly with banks and financial institutions to help students understand money, credit, and how to manage it. Because it only takes one mistake that can take forever to recover. Which it's why we're working with Regions Bank to provide a financial wellness class to students.


FALL 2021

  Do you have a high school student you would like to be apart of Lighthouse Development Institute. Sign them up TODAY! Our deadline for the Fall 2021 Season is now open.      



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