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Lighthouse Development Institute 


  Lighthouse Development Institute (LDI) is a free career-based program under Lighthouse Foundation’s three step model of Connect. Build. Grow. LDI is designed to help student’s 9th – 12th grade figure out what type of career-path they would like to pursue. The entire program consists of monthly life sessions presenting simple basic skills and allowing students to apply   those same abilities to every day normal life functions, online mentor-protégé training program, social growth opportunities, and a financial wellness program before assisting students with finding a Summer Internship, or launch their own Small Business Entrepreneurship.

Program Student Benefits


   -  Prepare A Career Plan For Life             - Work With Career Mentors             
   -  Learn Life Skills Online                          - Vocational Workshops
   -  Learn How To Do Taxes(1040-EZ)         - College & University Trips                   
   -  Career Trips                                            - Community Service                   
   -  Learn CPR                                               - Financial Literacy Workshops              
   -  Entrepreneurship                                   - Summer Internships                               

Spring Enrollment Starts Dec 1st - Jan. 31st

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Why Lighthouse Development Institute?

4 to 1

Student-To-Career Mentor Ratio

Virtual Career Mentors

Online Mentor Protégé Program

Google Classroom

Student Social Growth

Career Trips, College Trips, Summer Camps


Lighthouse Summer Ambassador Program

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Filling Out a Form






  Once a month, starting with our monthly Life Sessions on a Saturday morning at 11:00am. We offer 5 monthly Life Sessions teaching students simple basic life skills. We even take it one step further by showing students how to apply those same abilities to every day normal life functions.



 In addition, we have a free online mentor-protege training program connecting Career Mentors all over the United States to students. Through the Google Classroom's Learning Management System, Career Mentors provide guidance and direction while holding students accountable on their future Student Master Plan. 



There's also social growth opportunities for student empowerment. Workshops for financial literacy and vocational learning. College and career trips to get students out of their current environment and see what life has in store for them after graduation. You can even learn about flying a plane and getting your pilot license at 17 years of age.



And finally Lighthouse Development Institute, through the Summer Ambassador program, assist all students with finding a Summer job or starting their own small business company as an entrepreneur. Deadline to sign to is March 31, 2021.

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Lighthouse Model 


   Our Lighthouse Model focus on introducing the skill set to students and then going one step forward by putting it into action. For example, instead of just showing students how to prepare a budget. We take the skill set of budgeting, and now we're putting it into action by taking students to the grocery store to buy only what they can afford. Therefore, we're connecting students to the task, building confidence to go out and perform it, and then allowing students to eventually grow into a more responsible person by doing the task on their own. In addition, we have Career Mentors, Volunteers, and Parents working with students in the grocery store to hold them accountable. As each student completes  a level there will be small rewards leading up the ultimate award. These small rewards range from gift cards, apparel, movie passes, food, video games, etc.
White Pillars



Peer-To-Advisor Meeting (Interview)  


  Once students has filled out a complete application and turned in. We connect with students first through an initial Peer-to-Advisor meeting to ask a string of questions engaging students.

  • Where do you see yourself now?

  • Do you have a plan for life after high school?

  • What would you like to do in the next 5 or 10 years?

  • How motivated are you in your initial plan to accomplish your goals?

​  Once the student has been accepted into the program from our initial meeting. We comprise a Student Profile Builder that highlights the best career path to match the corresponding current and future careers of the world. This profile will also consist of pros, cons, statistics, and even other career alternatives that may substitute as an option to fall back on. 

Development Process (Fall & Winter)  


  The initial development process gives students an opportunity to learn through Life Sessions, and work directly with Career Mentors each month.  Both offer some great knowledge for each student to discover more about their career. The ultimate goal is to give students every opportunity to learn more about their career-path.


Growth Process (Spring & Summer)  


  The growth process allows students to expand their mindset beyond their current environment. By empowering students to become leaders and open up to the possibility that achievement in every future endeavor is attainable. Many opportunities are available, including workshops learning how to obtain a pilot's license at 17, meeting a real Federal Judge, vocational experience learning how to fix certain items at home,  leadership class to starting a business, financial wellness, college trips, career trips, etc. Finally we find Summer jobs for students, for example working with the City of Dallas, movie theaters,  government, private companies, and even small business entrepreneur companies.  

Position People For Greatness

Lighthouse Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps 9th - 12th grade students figure out what type of career they would like to pursue before they graduate.

(469) 854 - 9005


7067428028 (Registered Charity)

No matter where you live in the United States, you can make an immediate impact within the lives of our youth in many ways. Sign up as a volunteer or make a tax-free contribution to Lighthouse Foundation TODAY!

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