Life Session 4: Your DNA - Physical Health

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1 Hour


Mr. Ronovan Chaisson

Instructor Ronovan Chaisson is a man on a mission to show students all of the opportunities that are out in the world. These basic skills will better prepare you for the next step of life. Mr. Chaisson has over 15 years of experience in business, consulting, accounting, and even entrepreneurship. He has worked for the golfer Arnold Palmer, Neiman Marcus, and even the great state of Texas. He's funny and likes to make sure kids understand the bigger picture as well as the little details.

About the course

The purpose of Life Session 4 is for students to discover physically where they come from, who they are now as a person, and what type of future would they like to have.


Reward students for completing session with a spin of the prize wheel. Prizes will be gift certificates, food, movie passes, and a lottery ticket for those students 18 years or older. Make sure to update Scorecard as well.

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