Becoming a Career Mentor with Lighthouse Foundation makes a difference in helping others.


In order for Lighthouse Foundation to thrive we need you as a  Career Mentor to invest into our youth. Whether you live in Texas, Oklahoma, California, Florida, or even Hawaii. We can connect you in-person or online to students who need your wisdom.

Here are the benefits of becoming a Career Mentor:

  • Mentor only 1 - 4 students, working with high school students who need your insight  from a basic skill set in order to navigate through the mounting barriers of finding the right career.

  • Empower students to thrive in tomorrow’s economy by preparing students on how to compete in the future workplace.

  • Only give 2 - 3  days in the month to meet with students.

  • In-person or online mentorship to students all over the United States.

  • Write-off on your taxes.

Complete the online Career Mentor Application immediately so we can get you involve. We also encourage you to sign up for our Online Career Mentor Training Classes. These classes are offered online only lasting an hour.

Other incentives for becoming a Career Mentor:

  • Career Mentor Workshops (Spring, Summer, Fall)

  • Networking

  • Personal Development & Training

  • Personal Fulfillment & Gratification

  • Coaching & Leadership Skills

  • Monthly Recognition

  • Career Mentor of the Year

The ultimate goal of being a Career Mentor is to give back the knowledge and decisions that helped you along the way. Encouraging students that may be lost or don't know which road, or even how their going to get to the next level of success. YOU have the power to make a difference in a student's future.

Position People For Greatness

Lighthouse Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps 9th - 12th grade students figure out what type of career they would like to pursue before they graduate.

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7067428028 (Registered Charity)

No matter where you live in the United States, you can make an immediate impact within the lives of our youth in many ways. Sign up as a volunteer or make a tax-free contribution to Lighthouse Foundation TODAY!

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