As a new nonprofit 501©(3) kicking off in May 2018, Lighthouse Foundation is dedicated to helping and assisting high school students throughout the Dallas – Ft. Worth area and all over the world. Our purpose is to make a difference in students 9th - 12th grade by helping them to figure out what type of career they would like to pursue before they graduate. We want build to prosperity, strength, endurance, and the will for every youth to succeed by customizing a path of gaining vital information that is crucial to the decision-making process of life.

What makes Lighthouse Foundation so unique is that every high school student has the potential of attending a 2-year or 4-year college or university after graduation. But we feel in many cases students don't even have a clue of what type of career they would like to pursue. Which takes away time along with placing a huge financial burden on their future aspirations. We believe with the proper foundation working with high school students and bringing in career mentors who is already establish in their particular field of employment. We can make a difference in their career choices and position them for greatness.

We believe that all people with the right career path can do some extraordinary work just by simply making the right choices.

Our Mission

Lighthouse Foundation’s mission is to become the recognized leader in its target to help kids 9th – 12th grade figure out what type of career path they would like to pursue before they graduate from high school. These students will be from various high schools all over the Dallas – Ft. Worth area and the United States.

  Our goal is simple, work directly with students from all walks of life who has a heart to learn about their particular career interest, and a desire to be the best at whatever career-path they choose. Through a collective effort of learning basic skills and pairing them with professionals who are presently in their career choice. Together we seek to explore the opportunities and exposure so many students don’t receive.



   We strive to focus on the basic fundamental foundation of knowledge. By preparing high school students for many different short-term and long-term careers. 


Lighthouse Foundation is a group of dedicated individuals who have either graduated from a university or college, trade, or have over 10 years of entrepreneur or professional experience in many different industries. We decided to come together for one unique and common purpose. Give back our time building a legacy for generations to come.

Position People For Greatness

Lighthouse Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps 9th - 12th grade students figure out what type of career they would like to pursue before they graduate.


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7067428028 (Registered Charity)

No matter where you live in the United States, you can make an immediate impact within the lives of our youth in many ways. Sign up as a volunteer or make a tax-free contribution to Lighthouse Foundation TODAY!

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