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High School
Career Planning & Development

Lighthouse Development Institute (LDI) is a free career-based program under Lighthouse Foundation’s three step model of Connect. Build. Grow. LDI is designed to help student’s 9th – 12th grade figure out what type of career-path they would like to pursue.


High School

Career Clarity &
Exploration Program

Lighthouse Summer Ambassador Program was created with the purpose of helping students find employment for the summer, or start their own as a small business entrepreneur. We strive not only to educate students on their future career choices, but allow exploration of finding the right choice.





Lighthouse Cares Program partners with various affiliates throughout the entire United States to make an impact in the community. We seek projects where students and adults join forces to achieve the ultimate sacrifice of helping those who are less fortunate than others.



Research & Business Develop

National Youth Career Center 

Ambassador Of Tomorrow is our economic impact of giving back to the next generation. Whether it's through our Scholarships, Research & Business Development, or building a National Youth Career Center.  It is our goal to empower, equip, and produce quality leaders ready to share their own talented gifts to the world.

Our Mission

 What makes Lighthouse Foundation so unique is that every high school student has the potential of attending a 2-year or 4-year college or university after graduation. But we feel in many cases students don't even have a clue of what type of career they would like to pursue. Which takes away time along with placing a huge financial burden on their future aspirations.

Why Lighthouse Foundation?

"We have Career Mentors all over the United States and the World. Our focus is to work directly with high school students on a Career-path through the power of the internet to guide and direct them in choosing the best career. This includes holding students accountable for their future plans."

“We want to deliver life strategies that engage students, help them become independent by thinking outside of the box, identify what each student need in order to make the right choice, make learning experience more fun, and encourage students to take more of an active role in their future career path.”


“According to the National Center For Education Statistics, closely 80% of college and university students will change their major at least once. We want to change that by connecting with high school students that has the desire to learn more about their future before they make the wrong mistake.”

Career Planning

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Financial Wellness

We strive not only to educate students on their future career choices. But we also want to make sure students understand the principles of managing money. Through our Financial Wellness program with Regions Bank, students will learn how important it is to make good financial decisions. In addition, work with students to find them a Summer Job close to their career-path. As well as teach them how to do their own taxes.

Learning basic fundamental skills can be essential to the transition of going from high school into adult life. Whether it's learning how to cook, how to dress, how to put on a tie, sales pitch, or even renting your own apartment. 

Social Empowerment

Networking with different student leaders from various backgrounds. How to sales pitch, and navigate through the negotiation process of winning support. Getting out of the normal environment and going to student conferences, career trips, college visits, and workshops. Social growth gives students the opportunity to invest in themselves.

Life Skills

Our Online Career Mentor-Protégé program works with volunteers all over the United States & the World. People that want to give back to the next generation by connecting students to the real life. For 2 days out of the month, Career Mentors work with students to form a detail Student Master Plan for what they would like to do after high school.

Our Supporters

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