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High School Career-Path Planning |  Career Mentoring  |  Life Skills  |  Financial Wellness

New year 2023 or start straight concept.word 2023 written on the asphalt road and athlete
New year 2023 or start straight concept.word 2023 written on the asphalt road and athlete



A Coalition of Partnerships

  Parents, schools, community leaders, businesses, and other affiliate organizations play a huge role throughout Lighthouse Foundation. Because we believe to effectively reduce the many reasons why young people go through a series of life mistakes in order to find the right career-path.

  It takes a plethora of people who have the same basic common goals to work together in building the lives of others who will come after them. Whether a Volunteer, Career Mentor, Lighthouse Ambassador, or even a Affiliate or Corporate Sponsorship. We need everybody who are decision makers, or the key to opening up avenues for our young people to have a better way of being successful.


Position people for greatness.

  We connect with over 30+ high school students, parents, and people all over the United State to help in understanding the value of the decisions in life. By guiding and educating them on the tools of opportunities that are now given in order to prepare themselves for the next transition.


  Whether it's Career-path Planning, Career Mentoring, Life Skills, or even Financial Wellness. Our sincere vision is to give a clear and concise path for everyone to conquer by focusing on several key factors, including accountability, career information access, and planning for the future.


Inspire and empower others by pouring into one.

  One simple investment into one person's life can become an inspiration to millions who come across their path. Whether it's time, service, or monetary values, being able to empower those who seek guidance and wisdom is far more greater value than anything in the world.


  At Lighthouse Foundation, not only do we grow through our programs helping students socially. But we believe for every experience in life their is a reason by which each and every person can learn something to take with us into our next decision. Thus helping us to grow and becoming better decision-makers.

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  Lighthouse Development Institute (LDI) is a free career-based program under Lighthouse Foundation’s three step model of Connect. Build. Grow. 


   The entire program is dedicated to 9th - 12th grade students from Texas and all over the United States. Students will receive

  • Monthly Life Sessions presenting simple basic life skills.

  • Free online Career Mentor.

  • Social growth opportunities for empowerment.

  • Financial Wellness program thru Regions Bank.

  • Find an internship through the Summer Ambassador Program.

Lighthouse Development Institute


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High School Career-Path Planning |  Career Mentoring  |  Life Skills  | Financial Wellness

Lighthouse Foundation's Mission

Lighthouse Foundation’s mission is to become the recognized leader in helping people position themselves for greatness. Our target is to help high school students 9th – 12th grade figure out what type of career-path they would like to pursue. These students will be from various high schools all over the state of Texas and the United States.

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